Repair Asic - Asic Club

Quick high-quality repair of your ASICs

We carry out repair work related to soldering, complete replacement of the leading and component parts of ASIC miners, as well as other works of any complexity using special equipment. Our experts are able to help in the most difficult situations and as soon as possible.

Price for repair services for ASIC miners

Name of service Price
Miner diagnostics (software check) 0
Dust cleaning 200
Work with software (recovery / update / full flashing) 1000
Replacing the control board (the price includes diagnostics, the board itself, updating the firmware if necessary, setting up pools) 7500
Replacement of coolers (removal of non-working ones and installation of new original coolers, price for 1 pc.) 750
Replacement of loops (price for replacing one loop) 200
Repair hash boards
Replacing 1 chip (includes mounting / dismantling the radiator, removing the defective chip, soldering a new one) 500
Power circuit recovery (here at there is a replacement for the power controller, power connectors and other power-related items) From 1000-2500
Fault list and estimated repair cost
Not all chips are visible on the board (not all chips are displayed in the web interface) 1000 to 2500
The board is not displayed (when the miner starts, the board does not appear in the list) 1000 to 2500
Low hash rate (during the work of the miner, a decrease in the hash rate is observed) From 1900
Turn off the board (during the operation of the miner, the board turns off, the hash rate drops to zero) From 1900