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Firmware Antminer S9D/S9pro 21TH

Energy-efficient Antminer S9D / S9pro / s9dual firmware for down volt dual asic antminer S9.

The operating modes of the six low-power hash boards.
Profile, downvolt for ultimate energy efficiency 20TH / s 1500W
Using one original bitmain APW3 + power supply
Quiet operation allows it to be used in offices and residential premises.
The firmware has an intuitive interface, with support for ASICBOOST technology due to which energy consumption is reduced by an average of 20% and the stability of miners is increased.
Protected from overheating chips.
The developer’s firmware contains a donat of 1% of the total hashrate.
Installing and updating the firmware is possible through the "web interface" and also using the SD card .
Build and configure video.


With this firmware you can use 6 hash boards in downvolt mode and achieve the best energy efficiency, 20TH / s 1500W

One original bitmain APW3 + power supply is used
Due to its low heat dissipation, asic operates on minimum cooler speed, very quiet mode allows you to use it in offices and residential premises.
A familiar and user-friendly interface with a wide range of additional features for fine-tuning the chips automatically, which allows you to fully open all the possibilities.
With the help of automatic tuning options it is possible to perfectly regulate the energy efficiency of ASIC, so you get effective cooling of the device without the risk of overheating.
In the visual settings tab, it is possible to adjust the frequency and voltage of each hash of the board and its chips according to a convenient color scheme, as well as identify problematic chips, domains with HW errors.
In the manual settings tab, it is possible to set the individual frequency and voltage of the hash boards, and it is also possible to disable polling of coolers for use in immersion fluid for maximum ASIC performance.
Continuous monitoring of chips and domains by temperature indicators and hash rate allows to keep the hash board temperature stable while avoiding sudden temperature changes, for stable ASIC operation.
The WatchDog watchdog algorithm controls the number of errors and hashrate, if necessary restarts the ASIC, preventing hashrate subsidence, overheating and Internet breakdown.
It also controls the network and with long breaks in the Internet, asic goes into standby mode, turns off the power of the hashplat to prevent idle operation and save energy.
The chip pre-heating mode has been introduced for operation in cold ambient temperatures; it allows the correct use of ASICs in northern regions at ambient temperatures below -15 ° C.
ASIC monitoring using LEDs on the ASIC front panel allows you to visually identify unstable working devices, as well as find the desired ASIC among other devices, this is convenient for data center farms with a large number of ASICs.
For convenient and fast firmware and protection against lowering and changing software.
Implemented the ability to flash using an SD card, which makes it easy to roll back the factory firmware .